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Please use the menu above to find the tattoo supplies you are looking for. For a limited period UK sales of more than £59 will recieve free delivery!
So why not stock up on that bottle of ink you are almost out of?

Why not try our new pre fitted tattoo needles? a selection box of 50 mixed tattoo needles for only £9.95?
once you try you'll never use anything else

We are a professional tattoo supplies company in the UK, Run by professional tattoo artists with over 20 years experiance each! We are not warehouse operatives, we are working tattooists who are tired of poor quality equipment being sold online from non tattooists and dangerous ebay imports.

When you buy from Old Skool Tattoo Supplies you can rest assured of quality, fast delivery and great customer service!


We are an Offical Supplier of Mario Barth's award winning INTENZE tattoo ink

We are the UKs ONLY supplier of pre fitted tattoo needles, Our pre fitted sterilised tattoo needles are the best tattoo needle around for producing fine lines and detailed work, due to our needles having Unique Pre Fitted Top Hat Grommets ready attached and sterilised.

With so many amateurs in our business it is important for every aspect of your work to stand out, with our needles we completely eliminate the need for scrabbling round trying to find grommets and fit them whilst the client is watching, imagine if the inevitable happens and you can’t find your grommets or how their confidence in your hands sinks if you accidentally drop the grommet? We remove the need for any fitting as they are sterile and pre fitted.

Most amateurs are not aware of the importance of a tight fitting grommet to reduce the vibration from the tattoo gun. Each and every one of our disposable tattoo needles is pre fitted with a tight fitting grommet at no extra cost for ultimate control and reliability. The whole package is sterilised with E.O Gas and C.E certified for use in Europe and the US.

Each individually packed tattoo needle is sealed and stamped with the expiry date and the needle size so you will always be able to find the correct needle without searching whilst clients are waiting. Our pre fitted tattoo needles cost no more than the best selling tattoo needles, in fact at £8.95 for 50 needles you will appreciate we are CHEAPER than the non fitted needles you are currently using, our tight fitting tattoo supplies are precision engineered for a tighter fit with less unstable vibration and no more buying bulk bags of grommets.

We are professional tattoo artists not warehouse operatives, we know how good these tattoo needles are and we are sharing them with the rest of the tattooing community because we know how much easier these tattoo needles are to use and how great the results are. We are the ONLY tattoo supplier in the UK to sell these tattoo needles and we know when you use your first tattoo needle you will never go back to your old brand again! We stock a range of tattoo Supplies in sizes #10 and #12 in the following configurations:

Round Liners 3-9RL
Round Shaders 3-11RS
Flat Shaders 5-15RF
Magnum Shaders 5-15M1
Double (Stacked) Magnum 5-15M2
Curved Magnum 5-15CM

All needles are in stock in our Liverpool Tattoo Shop and we post daily via Royal Mail so if you need it fast you can rest assured you are not waiting long  if you are in the UK. European post is via Royal Mail Airmail and is a standard 3-5 working days delivery time to Europe and North America (USA) rest of world is 7 business days.
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